Inauguration Day: Twitter Doubling Capacity, Microsoft Partners With CNN, Flickr Hosting A Wine Party, and Live Streaming Everywhere

Posted Jan 19, 2009

Social media will be in full effect during Inauguration day.  Tweets will be sent back-and-forth, Flickr enthusiasts will be snapping pictures away, live streams of the event will be all over the Internet, and people will be able to watch the event from their mobile phones.

Twitter: Tweet tweet!  The amount of tweets being sent back-and-forth on Twitter tomorrow will be so substantial that the company is doubling their capacity.  Current TV and Twitter have partnered to showcase interesting tweets throughout the day tomorrow.

Live Streaming: The New York Times, Hulu, Joost, and will be live streaming the inauguration event.   Anyone that owns an iPhone can watch the inauguration on their phone using UStream’s iPhone application.

Flickr: Flickr will is hosting an event at a bar nearby the inauguration in Washington D.C.  Photo enthusiasts will be able to see images pulled from the election and from the induction ceremony.

Microsoft and CNN are working on a way to release a digital panorama of the event using Microsoft’s Photosynth software.  Microsoft is looking for professional photographs and user-generated photos to put together a final panorama of the event.

Facebook and CNN have put together an event that will publish status messages of users on Live.  The event is available at:

iPhone Application: There is a free 2009 Presidential Inauguration Guide iPhone application available for those who are travelling to D.C.  The application lets iPhone users look up public transit information, find Wi-Fi hot spots, and includes a Zagat guide for the city.