Twitter’s @Eventparrot Account Is An Experiment For Breaking News

Posted Oct 10, 2013

Twitter is currently using a test account for breaking news alerts.  The test account, known as @eventparrot.  Eventparrot now has over 12,000 followers and it sends out direct messages about breaking news.  Yesterday, the account sent out a direct message about the kidnapping of the Libya prime minister. The account does not follow anyone, nor has it sent out an actual tweet. It has just been sending out direct messages.

This is Twitter’s second recent test account.  The previous experiment was for an account called @magicrecs.  The magicrecs account pushes recommendations for follow suggestions and interesting tweets.  That account was labeled as a “Twitter experiment,” but it was later put into Twitter’s own products.

Twitter is currently balancing ways to generate revenues while attracting users and keeping them engaged.  By sending out alerts, Twitter will be able to keep users engaged in breaking news content rather than just being a source for tweets about what people’s favorite restaurants are or what they think about Breaking Bad.

[Source: TechCrunch]