Twitter Has Earned $47.5M From Data Sales

Posted Oct 7, 2013

In Twitter’s IPO filing from Thursday, it was revealed how much they earned from selling off their data to analytics companies.  Twitter earned $47.5 million from this aspect of their business.  This is a much smaller amount compared to what they generated from advertising though.  Some of the businesses that buys data from Twitter includes major retailers, Hollywood studios, and financial companies.

For example, The United Nations uses Twitter data to determine which places in the world may see political unrest.  DirecTV uses Twitter as a way to spot power outages based on customer complaints.  Human resources agencies also use Twitter to determine a job candidate’s reputation.

There are certain risks of using Twitter data though. Their growth could be undermined by spammers and fake accounts.  Twitter accounts could also be hacked and be used to put out false information.

Twitter limited the data that they are allowing to be compiled for free.  However, Twitter has partnerships in place with certain “certified data resellers.”  These partners include Gnip, Topsy, Data Sift, and NTT Data.

[Source: WSJ]