Twitter Has “No Plans For A ‘Twitter News Network'”

Posted Nov 24, 2010

Reuters published a story called “Twitter co-founder hopes to create news network.” That story is currently circulating at the top of Reuters is referencing an interview with Biz Stone where he said “I think a Twitter News Service would be something that would be very open and shared with many different news organizations around the world.”

Noticed how they capitalized the “N” and “S” in Twitter News Service. This seems deceiving because it implies that Twitter is working on such a service. Twitter communications head Sean Garrett shot down rumors about the Twitter News Service in the tweets below:

Ask @biz a “can you imagine Twitter doing…” Q, & he’s going to get creative and imagine. Related: No plans for a “Twitter news network”.less than a minute ago via web

Helpfully, there is a video of what @biz actually said abt a “Twitter News Network” All abt news orgs licensing dataless than a minute ago via web

OMG, can’t believe the Twitter News Network story is topping Techmeme. Cue Native American weeping at side of road &: than a minute ago via web