Twitter Hashtag Creator Chris Messina Departs Google For NeonMob

Posted Aug 3, 2013

Chris Messina is an open source and open standards advocate that is known for helping create BarCamp and the “coworking” movement.  In August 2007, Messina was credit for inventing the Twitter hashtag.  He sent a Twitter message suggesting that the pound symbol be used for organizing groups on Twitter.  Up until now, Messina was an Open Web Advocate at Google.

Messina has left Google after over three and a half years to join a company called NeonMob.  Messina joined Google when he was hired to lead developer relations for the now-defunct Google Buzz.  Most recently, he was in charge of user experience design on Google+.

Based in San Francisco, NeonMob is building a market for digital art.  He will be the head of the company’s community and growth starting next week, according to AllThingsD.