IBM Says That Twitter Is Infringing On 3 Patents

Posted Nov 4, 2013

International Business Machines (IBM) has sent a letter to Twitter saying that they are infringing on at least three U.S. patents.  Twitter disclosed these details in their SEC filing related to their upcoming initial public offering.

Twitter said that they would most likely prevail in the filing by saying “Based upon our preliminary review of these patents, we believe we have meritorious defenses to IBM?s allegations.”

The patents in question are:

1. Patent #6,957,224 – Efficient retrieval of uniform resource locators

2. Patent #7,072,849 – Method for presenting advertising in an interactive service

3. 7,099,862 – Programmatic discovery of common contacts

Twitter said that there is no assurance that they will be successful in defending against these allegations or reaching a business resolution that is satisfactory to them.  Twitter has 9 U.S. patents.  Twitter may be going public later this week.

[Source: Mashable]