Twitter Inc (TWTR) COO Ali Rowghani resigns

Posted Jun 12, 2014

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) chief operating officer Ali Rowghani has resigned from his job at Twitter. However, he will still continue to work as a ?strategic advisor? to CEO Dick Costolo. Rather than finding a replacement, Twitter will eliminate the COO position altogether. Rowghani?s operating responsibilities will be assumed from other Twiter management team members.

Here is a tweet that Rowghani wrote:

It is believed that Rowghani was pressured at the company due to inability to spur growth and innovate products. Rowghani also sold a lot of company shares while it was on a downward spiral. Rowghani worked at Twitter for over four years. He used to be the CFO at Pixar. He worked as the CFO of Twitter first before moving to the COO position in 2012.

In May, Rowghani sold 300,000 shares for $9.9 million in profits. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo and co-founders Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams vowed not to sell as a signal of confidence about Twitter’s potential.

Rowghani said that he wanted the money to give to research to battle a disease that took his father’s life.

[Source/Image Credit: Re/Code]