Twitter Increases Promoted Trends Price To Around $200,000 Per Day

Posted Feb 11, 2013

Twitter has increased the Promoted Trends price to $200,000 per day for the service.  The new price went into effect earlier this year, which is about 33% higher than what the company wanted last year.  When Promoted Trends first went live in 2008, it was believed that Twitter was charging around $80,000.  After the model proved to work, Twitter has been increasing their prices.

Twitter does not feature a promoted trend every day.  The website highlights only one Promoted Trend at a time as well.  Twitter is a few months from launching their advertising API later this year according to sources with TechCrunch.  The API would allow larger advertisers and their agencies to launch scaled-up campaigns across Twitter.  It would also give them more sophisticated targeting and analytics tools.

[Source: AllThingsD]