Twitter Is Testing Either Mobile Ads Or Tips

Posted Oct 8, 2007

“I hate when I hop over to valleywag for a brief bit of guilty time-wasting and run into posts about me,” wrote Evan Williams on his latest Twitter message.

I just joined Twitter last week and I’m already addicted to letting the world know what the hell I’m up to. I believe what Williams is referring to is a follow-up of Valleywag’s post that refers to whether Twitter users will be receptive to the latest tips (or some speculate to be the placeholder for ads).

Charlie O’Donnell wrote that he received a message from Twitter saying Tip: Wow, you look *good.* “If successful (or if the users are silent) you would imagine that its only a matter of time before this becomes: Tip: Drink Jamba Juice,” continued O’Donnell.

Personally, I could care less whether Twitter places ads in mobile text messages. After all, we have the option to disable mobile notifications. And just like Google, the company has to make money the only way they know how. Look at the net worth of advertising companies out there. Seeing as how the advertising market is worth billions of dollars and is the reason why GOOGLE IS OVER $600 PER SHARE RIGHT NOW, take advantage.

[Note: Mo Kakwan of Blabberize insisted I create an account. I found a new time-waster, thanks a lot buddy! *thumbs up*]