Twitter Is Getting Rid Of Their Controversial Suggested User List

Posted Nov 16, 2009

When signing up for Twitter there is a list of recommended users to follow that appears. Those who were fortunate enough to be on that list of people instantly received hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers. Jason Calacanis, co-founder of Weblogs Inc. and Mahalo believed that the suggested user list was so valuable that he offered $250,000 to be on it.

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone said that the company is currently exploring alternative ways to introduce prominent users to new members of the micro-blogging community. Some of the prominent users include politicians, news outlets, sports athletes, actors, and actresses.

“That list will be going away,” stated Stone when talking to reporters in Putrajaya, Malaysia. “In its stead will be something that is more programmatically chosen, something that actually delivers more relevant suggestions.”

It even got to the point that politicians started criticizing the list themselves too. Some Republicans said that Democrats are heavily favored in the suggested user lists than Republicans. Twitter employees say that they choose the suggested users list based on who posts messages often and engages with followers. Currently Twitter has about 54 million users.