Twitter Joins Linux Foundation

Posted Aug 27, 2012

Twitter has joined the Linux Foundation, which is a ?nonprofit consortium dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux.?  The Linux Foundation is a neutral ground for companies that want to discuss and collaborate on Linux’s development.  Some of the Linux Foundation members include Google, Oracle, HP, Oracle, Intel, and IBM.  Twitter will be officially joining this week.  Twitter will support the mission of promoting and protecting Linux.

?Linux and its ability to be heavily tweaked is fundamental to our technology infrastructure,? stated Twitter Manager of Open Source Chris Aniszczyk.  ?By joining The Linux Foundation we can support an organization that is important to us and collaborate with a community that is advancing Linux as fast as we are improving Twitter.?

Aniszczyk will be a keynote speaker at Linux Foundation’s LinuxCon event this week.  The presentation will be titled ?The Open Source Technology Behind a Tweet.?