Twitter Launches BlackBerry App and Acquires Atebits

Posted Apr 11, 2010

Twitter has acquired Atebits, the maker of iPhone application Tweetie. Atebits also makes an app for Mac computers. The acquisition price is unknown. This strategic move complements Twitter’s announcement from Friday that they have developed a BlackBerry Twitter app. Twitter’s acquisition of Atebits makes it the third acquisition that the company has made. The first was search engine Summize and the second was location-based services company Mixer Labs.

Atebits was started by Loren Brichter, a software engineer that used to work for Apple on the iPhone. The Tweetie app sells for $2.99 and is the most popular mobile Twitter application. Twitter will take Tweetie and offer it for free. The new app will be called Twitter for iPhone. [Twitter Blog]