Twitter Launches New Homepage With A Focus On Search

Posted Jul 29, 2009

Real-time search is where its at!  This is why Bing and Google are trying hard to make themselves as real-time as possible.  But nothing out there is as real-time search capable as Twitter is.  “Helping people access Twitter in more relevant and useful ways upon first introduction lowers the barrier to accessing the value Twitter has to offer and presents the service more consistently with how it has evolved,” stated Twitter co-founder Biz Stone on the company blog.

The new Twitter homepage also features trending topics, updated every minute.  When clicking on a trending topic, the latest real-time results when appear below the search engine.  The service that Twitter is using to produce the trending topics is What The Trend?

Personally I like the changes.  The old Twitter homepage just featured a login screen and a registration link.  The new homepage helps people that do not know much about Twitter discover other features about the service and even encourages them to do some searching on specific topics.  Well done Twitter, well done.