Twitter makes Vine videos viewable to the public

Posted May 2, 2014

Twitter has launched a basic web version of its 6 second video app Vine in January. Twitter is adding more features to the Vine website now. Adding to the home feed and profile view that that was featured on the initial version of Vine, users will now have a search bar and a set of discovery features from the mobile apps. This includes curated content, playlists, featured videos, featured users, channels, trending tags, and videos that are popular now.

The Vine video website is now accessible for visitors that are not logged in to the service, which will open it up to everyone for the first time. Visitors that choose to log in to Vine will get access to their feed and the ability to follow users. Logged in users will be able to ReVine and comment on videos.

Vine videos had a rocky start since Twitter acquired the service because Instagram started to offer video sharing. But then Vine users made tons and tons of short and funny viral videos. Now Vine is really growing like a weed.