Over Half Of Twitter’s Revenues Are From Mobile Devices Now

Posted Jun 29, 2012

Twitter is now making over half of their revenues from their mobile application according to Shira Ovide of the Wall Street Journal. Twitter ads are even more effective on mobile devices than they are on the desktop. Twitter ads are the same on mobile devices and the desktop, which makes life easier for advertisers because they don’t have to set up multiple ad campaigns.

In one case, restaurant chain PF Chang’s ran a time-sensitive Twitter ad campaign earlier this year. A digital marketing executive at PF Chang’s said that the results of the ad campaign was “staggering.” PF Chang’s spent $25,000 in targeted ads at Twitter users who searched for “Chinese New Year” and other related terms. Over 1 million users clicked on the ads and retweeted them. About 70% of the people that interacted with the ads were on mobile devices.

PF Chang’s followed up the campaign on Twitter with another one that was not time-sensitive to “build awareness.” Twitter users were not receptive to the second ad campaign. PF Chang’s realized that time sensitive ads worked best for Twitter.