Twitter Launches #Music App

Posted Apr 18, 2013

Twitter has announced a new music discovery application called #music.  Twitter #music has been launched as a separate app for the iPhone on the Apple App Store also.  The #music app helps users find music that is popular on Twitter based on the bands that you follow.  The app’s navigation includes Popular (new music trending on Twitter), Emerging (hidden talent found in the tweets), Suggested (artists you might like), #NowPlaying (Tweeted by people you follow), and Me (Artists you follow).

All of the pages have a grid that shows artists and songs.  When you tap on one of the tiles in the grid related to that artist or song, it will start playing along with a spinning CD animation on the bottom left.  When you tap on the CD animation, you will see an enlarged CD to fast forward or rewind the song.  By default, the music plays using an iTunes Preview with only small clips with a link to buy the song from iTunes.  However, you can also integrate Spotify or Rdio to hear the full song.

On the grid, you will also be able to visit the band’s Twitter profile pages to see what artists and bands that they also follow.  There is a search function to find artists and play songs from them.  There has been speculation that Twitter would be launching a music service since last month when they acquired a music service called We Are Hunted. We Are Hunted is a music recommendation and streaming company based in Australia.

The #Music app will be available later today on the App Store.