Twitter Nears 7 Billion Tweets

Posted Dec 21, 2009

Last night Twitter surpassed 6.8 billion tweets around midnight or 1AM EST.  Now the microblogging service is just inching close towards 7 billion total tweets.  GigaTweet tracks every tweet that is sent out and adds it to a total count.  This means that last night the number of tweets has surpassed the total population.  Currently the world population is about 6.7 billion.

Just to have a little more fun with numbers, Twitter is valued at about $1 billion based on venture capital investment. That means each tweet is worth about $0.14 based on today’s statistics.

While Twitter has to deal with serving about 1.6 million tweets per day, Facebook has to deal with over 300,000 photos being uploaded per second.  And YouTube has to deal with 20 hours of video being added every minute.  Twitter has come a long way from being known as the fail whale company to serving tons of tweets every day.