Twitter Now Has Mobile Push Notifications For Replies

Posted Nov 18, 2010

If you have updated your Twitter iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch application, you may have noticed that the app now wants to start sending you push notifications. This was one of their most demanded requests for their iOS application.

Now when someone “mentions” you or sends you an “@” reply, then you will see a pop-up push notification. “You’ll know who is talking to or about you on Twitter, and you’ll be able to continue the conversation in real-time,” stated Twitter mobile product manager Leland Rechis.

For those of you that do not have an iPhone, you can set up your account to send you “mentions” or “@” replies through text message. Direct messages also work. Twitter is working on getting this feature to work on Android and Windows Phone 7.

If you want to set up text notifications, go to and check-mark the boxes under “text message notifications.”

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