Twitter Now Allowing Users To Opt Out Of Being Tracked

Posted May 17, 2012

Like Facebook, Twitter is known for tracking their users. However Twitter has announced that they allowing users to opt out of being tracked. Twitter is enabling the “Do Not Track” feature in the Firefox browser that allows people to opt out of cookies that collect personal information for advertising. Twitter is enabling the “Do Not Track” feature in the Firefox browser. The Do Not Track functionality will only work if a website agrees to it according to The New York Times.

?As the Federal Trade Commission?s CTO, Ed Felten, mentioned this morning, Twitter now supports Do Not Track.? stated Twitter spokeswoman Carolyn Penner. ?We applaud the FTC?s leadership on Do Not Track, and are excited to provide the benefits of Do Not Track.?

Twitter’s involvement of the “Do Not Track” feature is part of a series of recent announcements by the company that is in favor of their users. In early May, Twitter had filed a court motion to protect the information about one of the users during the Occupy Wall Street protests. Twitter also announced the Innovator’s Patent Agreement that says that Twitter would never go on the offensive when it comes to their patents. Twitter owns the patent for the “pull to refresh” feature on iOS.

?We?re excited that Twitter now supports Do Not Track and global user adoption rates continue to increase, which signifies a big step forward for Do Not Track and the Web,? said Mozilla in a statement.