Twitter Plans To Integrate Retweets Into Homepage and Platform

Posted Aug 18, 2009

One of the most popular Twitter features is the “retweet.”  Retweeting simply means that you repeat another Twitter user’s status update while still referencing that user.  So let’s say that my user name on Twitter is Pulse2Dotcom and I wrote the following tweet:

Huffington Post and Facebook Partner On HuffPost Social News: Liberal-focused The Huffington Post and social net..

If another user want to repeat my message, it would appear something like this:
RT@Pulse2DotCom Huffington Post and Facebook Partner On HuffPost Social News:

TweetDeck, a desktop application built to support Twitter already has an automatic retweet feature integrated, but itself does not support the feature.  Tweetmeme is a website that automatically tracks how many times your website has been retweeted.

Now the team at Twitter is planning to integrate this feature within their own service.  The sketch above shows to the developer community around Twitter how the feature will be integrated within a Twitter user’s homepage itself.

If a person you follow retweets another user, the message and profile picture of the person that is retweeted will appear on your homepage regardless of whether you follow the retweeted person.  This feature will be optional for you.

“We are still sketching out exactly how this feature and its API counterpart works. Sharing our thoughts before launching means developers will have the opportunity to prepare their applications,” wrote Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. “In a few weeks or so we’ll launch the feature on our web site and because app developers had a chance to prepare, it should become available across most of the Twitter ecosystem about the same time. This way, we can all enjoy retweeting?however we choose to access Twitter.”