Twitter Plans To Make Money In 2010 Through Non-Traditional Ads

Posted Nov 25, 2009

Twitter plans to unravel a business model in 2010 that indicates how the company plans to make money. All we know is that it will involve the use of non-traditional ads. And another rumor we’ve been hearing is that there will be commercial accounts available sometime in the future too.

Stone said that the company will “start making money” in 2010. However Stone said that they are not in a rush because ?There are no dates when we need to break even. We have plenty of money in the bank.?

The company has several plans to improve the service and buy more companies. Twitter plans to launch in several different languages in the near future such as Italian, Spanish, German, and French. Stone said that buying Summize last year was an “outstandingly good decision” so the company plans to spend more on acquiring more properties.