Twitter Reactions: “Top Gun” Director Tony Scott Commit Suicide After Learning About Inoperable Brain Cancer

Posted Aug 20, 2012

Tony Scott was the director of “Top Gun” and “Crimson Tide.”  He committed suicide by jumping off of a bridge in Los Angeles after learning that he had inoperable brain cancer according to a source with ABC News.

Police had received a 911 call at around 12:30PM today.  Scott had jumped off of the Vincent Thomas Bridge.  His body was recovered by about 3PM.  A coroner found several notes to loved ones in Scott’s car.  Scott has a close relationship with Top Gun stars Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer along with Denzel Washington.

He collaborated with Washington on films like “Unstoppable,” “Deja Vu,” “Man On Fire,” “Crimson Tide,” and “The Taking Of Pelham 123.”  Scott was the younger brother of producer and director Ridley Scott.  The brothers formed their own production called Scott Free Productions.

Their company produced CBS drama shows “NUMB3RS” and “The Good Wife.”  The 2012 movie “Prometheus” was their latest film released by their production company.  Some of Scott’s other films include “True Romance,” “The Fan,” and “Enemy of the State.”  Below are some Twitter reactions about Scott’s death: