Twitter is testing out a new design

Posted Feb 12, 2014

Twitter appears to be working on a new layout that resembles profile pages on social networks like Facebook and Google+. The redesign is only visible to just a few users on Twitter right now.

The new layout emphasizes on the header photos, which is similar to the Cover Photo on Facebook. The header photos are 1252×626 pixels in size right now, but the redesign shows a size of 1500×1500 pixels. The user profile pictures and bios are shifted from the right side of the page to a small column on the left of the screen. 

The redesigned does not show tweets vertically. Tweets are laid out to how pins are shown on Pinterest. There is also an emphasis on tweets that have photos and links. The number of tweets and photos/videos that a user has posted appears below the header photo. There is a chance that these features will not be rolled out to all Twitter users, but that largely depends on the feedback that they receive.

[Image Credit / Source: Mashable]