Twitter Search To Be Rolled Into The User Homepage

Posted Feb 19, 2009

Twitter is gaining traction at an alarming rate.  The company has $55 million in funding and the user base is growing by the millions.  Twitter users include celebrities, politicians, VCs, surgeons, entrepreneurs, etc.  One of Twitter’s biggest features is their search engine.  Thousands of people are using it everyday to find the latest topic trends.  Earlier today Twitter Search was added to the homepage of several limited users.

“Searching over Twitter messages is like a filter for what is happening right now?it’s an interesting look into the real-time thoughts of people and organizations around the world,” stated Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. “Whether you’re curious about something specific or you just want to browse the trending topics, we’ve found that Twitter Search adds a new layer of relevance.”

All I can say is that Twitter may be a good search engine for people to use to find news about trends.  After all people reporting news may be a better source than any algorithm can put together.  I think we may have found a legitimate Google News competitor.

Twitter Search was created after the company acquired Summize.