Twitter Settles With The FTC On Security and Privacy Violation Charges

Posted Jun 24, 2010

Twitter has made a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC believed that Twitter had “deceived consumers” by allowing hackers to get control over Twitter due to loose security.

Phony tweets were sent out through the Barack Obama and FOX News accounts in 2009. As part of the settlement, the FTC said Twitter will have to set up a new security program assessed by a third party provider.

The FTC is not looking for monetary damages from Twitter. Twitter has about 50 employees and said it is dealing with an explosion of users.

?When a company promises consumers that their personal information is secure, it must live up to that promise,? stated FTC Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection David Vladeck. ?Likewise, a company that allows consumers to designate their information as private must use reasonable security to uphold such designations.?

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