Twitter Shuts Down StatTweets Operation By Banning Accounts

Posted May 5, 2009

Twitter has shut down the operation being put together by Robbie Allen and his wife.  Allen is the developer behind StatTweets, a service that provides updates regarding the scores of NBA, NFL, and college sports teams.  Twitter cited that Allen violated TOS, copyright infringement, mass account creation, and squatting when shutting down StatTweets.

Over the weekend, Allen and his wife created 650 Twitter account for each sports team.  Each account would read the sports scores and data from StatSheet.  All of the accounts gained about 63,000 followers before being shut down.  Twitter was the second biggest referring website to StatSheet before the accounts were shut down.

The Twitter accounts made for each team used the sports team logo as their avatar.  But Allen said that he would remove the logos if that was the reason he was being blamed for copyright infringement.

“It’s been two weeks and I’ve received nothing but form responses from Twitter Support. The excuse I got from a non-Support person is that everyone is real busy at Twitter and my request will be looked at eventually,” stated Allen on his blog.  “My response? Don’t shut down a service unless you have the bandwidth to properly investigate the situation. This raises some serious questions about Twitter’s inability to handle growth and their general unfriendliness towards businesses. Bottom line: Your business dependency on Twitter is at the whim of the overworked Twitter Support staff and their interpretation of your compliance with the ill-defined Twitter Terms of Service.”