Twitter Is Spending Over $700,000 In Fighting Spam

Posted Apr 8, 2012

Twitter is taking five spammers to court and is spending over $700,000 to do so. Twitter is seeking full restitution of those costs and other damages. They are also forcing each defendant to stop their activities as they are seeking a jury trial in a San Francisco federal court. The spammers have been put into two categories: Spamware Defendants and Spammer Defendants.

The Spamware Defendants are defined as people that ?distribute software tools designed to facilitate abuse of the Twitter platform and marketed to dupe consumers into violating Twitter?s user agreement.?

The Spammer Defendants are defined as people that ?operate large numbers of automated Twitter accounts through which they attempt to trick Twitter users into clicking on links to illegitimate websites, again in violation of Twitter?s user agreement.?

Twitter is spending the following amounts of money on anti-spam initiatives:
– ?at least $100,000? against James Lucero
– ?at least $75,000? against Garland Harris
– ?at least $75,000? against TweetAdder
– ?at least $300,000? against TweetBuddy
– ?at least $150,000? against TweetAttacks
This amount totals at least $700,000.