Twitter To Be Available In Chinese In “A Matter of Time”

Posted Mar 16, 2010

Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei asked Twitter creator Jack Dorsey “Is it possible to provide a Chinese access on Twitter?” He followed that up by saying “I need a clear answer, yes or no.” Dorsey said “I would say yes. It’s just a matter of time” at a panel discussion on social media. Dorsey participated over teleconference.

Ai is frustrated with Internet limitations in China. “In China, we cannot see YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter, and very soon, maybe not see Google,” stated Ai. “Basically it is society that forbids any flow of information and freedom of speech.”

Dorsey said that Twitter is working on language translation but getting the service to work through China’s firewall will be tough. Ai’s art work has been seen around the world. He also was a design consultant for the “Bird’s Nest” National Stadium during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. [PCWorld]