Twitter To Integrate Location-Awareness Features

Posted Aug 22, 2009

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has given credit to developers that have added location features within their applications despite have limited API support.  Twitter users will have the option to add longitude and latitude information to any tweet.

iPhone application Tweetie already gives the option to find out who is tweeting within a certain number of kilometers from you.  Stone said that this type of feature would be useful for those who are following events such as concerts or earthquakes.

The feature will be given to platform developers first and then will be added on itself.

“We’re going to release geolocation to platform developers before we add the feature to Most of the mobile applications people use and love are built by Twitter platform developers,” stated Stone. “Developers will have access to this new geolocation feature early which means it will most likely be available on your app of choice before it’s available on Twitter’s web site. Later, we’ll add it to our mobile web site and as well.”