Twitter Turns 4 Years Old

Posted Mar 21, 2010

Yesterday Twitter creator Jack Dorsey sent out a tweet saying “Tomorrow is Twitter’s 4th birthday. What are you doing for it? #twitterday.”  Twitter has come a long way in the last four years including hitting their 10 billionth tweet.  Below are some additional details about Twitter:
-Hit a rate of about 1 billion tweets being sent out per month. 
– The company has deals in place with Google and Microsoft.
– Dell made $6.5 million by offering deals on Twitter too.
– Twitter was the most used word in 2009.
– Twitter launched a lists feature last year.
– Ivanka Trump asked her Twitter followers to help her choose a wedding song.
– NASA hosted their first space launch tweetup last year.
– Drew Carey said he would bid $1 million on the account @Drew if the account hit 1 million followers last year.
– Twitter accounted for 10% of The New York Times’ web traffic.
– Facebook started emulating the @ symbol style for status messages.
– Twitter users reported a helicopter crash and airplane crash on the Hudson.
– Twitter acquired Summize in 2008.
– Facebook even attempted to buy Twitter.
– Congressman Pete Hoekstra tweeted about his trip in Iraq.
– Jason Calacanis offered $250,000 to be a suggested user to follow.
– Ryan Coss got a fail whale Twitter tattoo.
– Jennifer Aniston reportedly broke up with John Mayer because he used Twitter too much and spent less time with her.
– Demi Moore’s tweets may have saved a life.
– Stephen Colbert interviewed Twitter co-founder Biz Stone [full transcript].
– Mark Cuban was fined for tweeting about what he thought about an NBA referee.
– Michael Massimino tweeted from space.
– Rapper Jim Jones tweeted while being arrested.
– Pizza Hut hired their first Twitter summer intern.
– CNN acquired a CNN-related Twitter account that they did not own.
– Kanye West talked about how angry he was about a fake Twitter account on his blog.
– UT Southwestern and the Children’s Medical Center live tweeted a kidney transplant.
– Oprah joined Twitter.
– Arnold Schwarznegger tweeted during an emergency landing.
– Twitter CEO’s wife Sara Williams tweeted about her new born baby after giving birth.