Twitter Updates iOS App To Support DM Syncing

Posted Jul 9, 2013

Twitter users that are big on direct messages can now benefit from the updated Twitter apps.  On Monday, Twitter announced that direct messages (DMs) are now synced across all devices.  This way messages won’t be marked as unread on other devices after they have already been opened on another device.

Other improvements that were made includes an enhanced mobile search and a Connect tab on Twitter for Mac.  DMs are going to be synced on Android, iOS, the web, and TweetDeck.

Android, iPhone, iPad, and Mobile Twitter Website: Now when you search for people on these platforms, you will see an expanded user result that shows a full bio.  The account preview makes it easier to find and learn more about the accounts that you are looking for.  You can swipe previews to the left and find similar accounts.

iPhone: The Twitter update makes it easier to reply to tweets with a built-in Tweet composer that appears when you tap to see details.  It is easier to find accounts to follow with a new people button on the navigation bar.  This makes the iPhone experience consistent with Android.

Twitter for Mac: The Connect tab on the Twitter for Mac app now has interactions so that you can see your favorites and retweets along with @mentions.  You can update your preferences to view @mentions only and manage notification settings for all interactions.