Twitter Users In NYC Describe Helicopter Hudson River Incident

Posted Aug 9, 2009

Sad news occurred today on the Hudson River in New York.  There has been multiple casualties and several citizen journalists discussed what they saw on Twitter.  Twitter user Ziggfather said that he “just watched a helicopter blow and plumet into the Hudson river.  Emergency vehicles on site.”  Ziggfather posted the picture below.

Twitter user @weekendoasis said that the picture below was one of the tires of the helicopter.  It landed in front of his car when driving. He tweeted: ?Tire from copter crash in nyc .. landed in front of my car while driving?.

@MychaelS was on the river when the incident took place and he sent a photo of the Coast Guard rushing to the scene of the tragic incident.

Sadly, this is the second time this year that citizen journalists reported an unfortunate incident at the Hudson River.  Fortunately the first time, everyone survived thanks to the quick thinking by U.S. Airways Pilot Captain Sully.