Twitter Adds Tailored “Who To Follow” Feature

Posted May 18, 2012

Othman Laraki, the director of growth and international at Twitter, has announced a new feature called “Who To Follow.” Laraki said that every day thousands of people sign up for Twitter and they want to follow friends, businesses, celebrities, news sources, etc. However it takes some effort to find accounts that are similar to your interests.

Laraki said that in order to make it easier and faster for people with specific interests to get started on Twitter, they have started an experiment with tailored suggestions in several countries. The first experiment will be showing new users a list of accounts that they recommend to be followed along with a timeline filled with tweets from that account.

If you are a current user, you will see tailored suggestions in the “Who to follow” section. The tailored suggestions are based on accounts followed by other Twitter users. Twitter also uses data that they receive from Twitter buttons or widgets.

If you are logged into Twitter right now, you can see your tailored suggestions at this link.