Twitterfeed Adds Analytics Features

Posted Jun 21, 2009

Twitterfeed was started by Mario Menti.  Menti created Twitterfeed in London through the BBC developer program.  The service converts a blog or website’s RSS feed into tweets.  The tweet contains the title and a link to the article of an individual blog post or news story.  About 170,000 publishers are converting 330,000+ feeds as of right now. Earlier this month, Betaworks and The Accelerator Group bought a majority stake in the Twitterfeed.

Twitterfeed is becoming so overused that Menti was having a hard time scaling the service.  However Twitterfeed relaunched earlier this week in order to offer an analytics service.  The analytics reports how much traffic a website is receiving through Twitter and how many people are clicking on short URLs.  The new Twitterfeed analytics service also offers a side-by-side comparison of what Feedburner RSS is doing for them.

To create a Twitterfeed account, an OpenID account is needed, but now they are starting to accept Google, AOL, and Yahoo login capabilities.  One of Twitterfeed’s biggest drawbacks is the length of time that is between RSS conversion to Twitter reporting.  TechCrunch is reporting that in some cases, it takes Twitterfeed half an hour.  That is way too long considering that Twitter prides itself on reporting real-time data.