Twitter’s First Ad Surpasses 1 Million Views And Costed Less Than $3,000 [VIDEO]

Posted Sep 17, 2010

Twitter launched a new user interface earlier this week and to help promote it, they created a video advertisement. The advertisement has a creative story and a calming soon in the background. Best of all, it was created in house without the help of a big advertising agency and costed less than $3,000. The video surpassed 1 million views on YouTube on the first day. The 2 minute ad follows the life of a Twitter user as he prepares for a romantic date.

The ad is actually based on the life of Twitter design researcher Mark Trammell. Trammell said he used to Twitter to find out what kind of wine and book to bring o the first date. The two also ended up stargazing, just like in the video too.

?In studying how people who are new to Twitter learn how to Twitter, the folks that get the most out of it are those who go into ?discovery mode? early on,? stated Trammell. ?We think Twitter is the best way to discover what?s new in your world.?

Check out the video ad below:

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