Twitter’s Vine Service Gets Hit With A DMCA From Prince’s Record Label

Posted Apr 2, 2013

Cue the Prince jokes from the Chappelle Show, Prince’s record label sent Twitter’s Vine service a DMCA take-down notice.  Twitter was hit with the notice from NPG Records because of 8 video clips that was posted on the Vine social video service.  This content allegedly violates Prince’s intellectual property.  Twitter ended up complying with the request by taking down the clips.

The clips had “unauthorized recordings” or “unauthorized synchronizations,” which likely meant that a Vine user grabbed clips from Prince’s songs. Vine video clips max out at 6 seconds long so it is surprising to see that NPG had a problem with that.

Although NPG has a problem with Vine, some big media companies are embracing the platform.  Last month, 20th Century Fox released a short trailer for the movie The Wolverine on Vine.  Arrested Development actor David Cross is also releasing a new movie on Vine.