Two Internet Memes Meet: iFixit Tears Down a Blendtec Total Blender

Posted Oct 14, 2009

Blendtec Total Blenders are some of the most powerful kitchen devices of its kind as seen by millions of Internet viewers. iFixit is a website that receives tons of visitors for the knowledge about the tearing down of different devices. iFixit recently decided to find out what is inside those $400 Blendtec blenders that make them so powerful. Inside the blender is a logic board for managing the operation and safety of the blender. There is also a speed sensor for controlling the spinning shaft. There is also a thermistor that monitors the temperature of the device to avoid any sort of meltdown. If the maximum of 130 degrees Celsius (266 degree Fahrenheit) is reached, then the device turns off. Check out the video above of the blender being taken apart.