Ryan Seacrest’s Typo Keyboards raises $1 million to build keyboards for the iPhone

Posted Dec 7, 2013

Ryan Seacrest, the famous TV host and personality, has invested in a startup that he co-founded. The startup makes the Typo Keyboards, which makes a physical keyboard for the iPhone. Seacrest and his co-founded invested over $1 million into the company and is expecting to invest over $5 million. The Typo Keyboard will be making an appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month.

?The back story of Seacrest?s interest in this ? for many of his friends and colleagues, carrying two phones was a habit: One for typing and correspondence and an iPhone for virtually everything else. One night, Ryan and his friend Laurence Hallier, CEO of Show Media, were out to dinner and both had phones on the table. Two people, four phones!? said a press release about the device.

The Typo Keyboard is clips to an iPhone like a protective case. It is going to be available for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.

The device is available for pre-order at $99 now. It will start shipping in January.

[Source: AllThingsD]