U of M Researchers Jon Miller and Rubens Reis Discover Star “Screaming” As It Enters Black Hole

Posted Aug 6, 2012

Two researchers at the University of Michigan have detected the “scream” of a star as it was being sucked into a black hole that is 3.9 billion light years away.  The researchers at the university used two orbiting X-ray telescopes to detect the oscillating blips.  The researchers believed that the sound emanated from the star before it was sucked into a previously dormant black hole according to AnnArbor.com.

The two researchers that discovered the “scream” are Jon Miller and Rubens Reis.  They detected the signals when exploring the event after it was discovered by the Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland.  “You can think of it as hearing the star scream as it gets devoured, if you like,” stated Miller in a media release.  Scientists have never before identified the screaming star blips from a galaxy that was so far away.

The event had occurred in the northern constellation Draco the dragon.  “Our discovery opens the possibility of studying orbits close to black holes that are very distant, and it could make it possible to study general relativity under extreme settings,” added Miller.

Below is a video animation from NASA on what a star looks like as it is being devoured by a black hole: