U.S. Government Doc: If You Hack Us, We Can Respond With Military Force

Posted May 17, 2011

The U.S. government has recently published a document entitled “International Strategy for Cyberspace.” Some of the issues in the addressed includes how the government can respond in the event of an aggressive cyberspace attack.

“States have an inherent right to self-defense that may be triggered by certain aggressive acts in cyberspace,? states the policy. ?Certain hostile acts conducted through cyberspace could compel actions under the commitments we have with our military treaty partners.?

Military force will be used as a last resort only after diplomatic remedies are tested out. I believe that the role that WikiLeaks has played in political affairs caused the government to create a defense document in relation to cyberspace. ?The United States will ensure that the risks associated with attacking or exploiting our networks vastly outweigh the potential benefits,? adds the document.

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