Half Of All U.S. Households Have At Least One Apple Product

Posted Mar 28, 2012

Between my wife and I, we have a MacBook, a MacBook Pro, an iPhone, an iPod Touch, and a Mac Mini. Two people. Five Apple devices. Clearly we’re one of the contributors of the national average because CNBC recently did a study that reports that half of all U.S. households own at least one Apple product.

That means that over 55 million homes with at least one iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook, Mac Mini, or iMac. Homes that own at least one Apple own an average of three products though. The average household has 1.6 Apple devices with about one-quarter planning to buy at least one more in the next year.

?It’s a fantastic business model ? the more of our products you own, the more likely you are to buy more,? stated Hart Research Associates vice president Jay Campbell, which conducted the CNBC survey along with Bill McInturff. ?Planned obsolescence has always been a part of the technology industries sales model, but Apple has taken it to a whole new level.?

The survey states that Apple buyers tend to be male, college-educated, and young. They are just likely to own a home as not. About 28% of people making $30,000 a year own at least one compared to the 77% of those making more than $75,000.