U.S. Postal Service To Start Testing Same-Day Delivery Next Month

Posted Oct 13, 2012

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is starting to test out plans for a same-day delivery service called Metro Post.  The USPS said that the test is being designed for e-commerce companies and it will focus on a specific metropolitan area.

The market test for Metro Post is scheduled to begin around November 12 and run for at least one year.  The Postal Service said that the daily cut-off time for making a purchase will likely be between 2PM and 3PM.  The delivery would happen between 4PM and 8PM.

According to a USPS filing, only 200 packages per day will be eligible for same-day delivery during the first phase of the market test.  This restriction will be lifted after the initial test is done.  USPS is estimating that revenue from the Metro Post is expected to be $10 million in the first year and that revenues from the new service would not exceed $50 million in any year.

E-commerce companies like Amazon.com and eBay are working on same day delivery services as well. Below is a copy of the filing:
Notice Metro Post