U.S. State Department Is Buying $16.5 Million Worth Of Kindles

Posted Jun 11, 2012

The U.S. State Department has signed a deal to buy $16.5 million worth of Kindle Touches. The Department is buying 2,500 of the devices initially preloaded with 50 titles. The contract is over the life of the contract, which will be one base year plus 4 option years. In a document, the department described the device like this: ?the Amazon Kindle as the only e-Reader on the market that meets the Government?s needs, and Amazon as the only company possessing the essential capabilities required by the Government.?

International 3G was a requirement since all devices are to be used overseas. The Department added that ?the portability and durability of the Kindle is unique, and is required by the government due to overseas shipment requirements and use in public facilities by students.? The Apple iPad was not selected because of security and usability risks.