Uber Is Launching A Ride Sharing Feature For Californians

Posted Feb 2, 2013

Uber is a company that lets you summon a car through a smartphone app. Earlier this week we reported that the company was expanding to Singapore. Now Californians that do not want to drive will have another way to hire a ride. Uber is expanding their service to allow ordinary citizens drive people around for money.

Uber and the California Public Utilities Commission announced this past Thursday that they have reached an agreement to allow Uber to work as a hire-a-car service and expand into ride sharing. Uber was previously hit with a $20,000 fine from the commission for not operating with a license. The Commission said that the parties have agreed Uber can stay on the road as long as they follow basic safety requirements. The Commission suspended their fine and the cease and desist order as a result.

Uber started out as an app for summoning luxury town cars for a price that is higher than a cab.  Later on the company launched Uber X, which allowed customers to get rides from hybrid vehicles.  The ride sharing service may be incorporated into Uber X and should be available in California in the next few weeks.

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[Source: NYT]