Uber is offering drivers using rival services $500 to try out UberX

Posted May 2, 2014

Uber, a private car booking service, that competes against companies like Lyft and Silvercar. Now Uber is offering drivers from rival services $500 in cash to just try UberX out.

?This month, we?re rolling out incentives and referral programs to prove it to every driver who joins Uber. For drivers currently on another ridesharing platform, we?re offering new partners $500 after they do just one trip on uberX. For drivers already partnering with Uber, you can earn $500 just for referring someone new from another ridesharing platform,? said Uber in a blog post.

This past December, TechCrunch reported that Uber was trying to convince Lyft drivers to switch by offering $50 of free gas and a $500 bonus for picking up 20 UberX customers within the month. Uber claims that its drivers “make more money than with any other ridesharing platform or taxi company.” This is why they are putting their money where their mouth is by offering the $500 just to try the service out.

Uber has been expanding at a rapid pace and recently launched in its 100th city. UberX is available in only a number of these cities.

Uber also cited its insurance coverage for ride-sharing and launched a vehicle financing program for why “entrepreneurs” (drivers) should work for the company. Uber claims that UberX drivers can earn around $100,000 per year.