Uber Partners With Ice Cream Trucks For One Day Experiment

Posted Jul 12, 2012

is a San Francisco based start-up that has developer a smartphone app for summoning limos. Now they are testing their service on ice cream trucks in seven cities as part of a one-day test on Friday. Uber users will be able to request an ice cream truck in some areas across New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Chicago, Washington, and Toronto.

The service will be available between 11AM-7PM in New York and from noon to 6PM in other cities. Ice cream can be bought in bundles said Uber general manager Michael Pao. There will be a bundle of five different gourmet ice creams in New York from Van Leeuwen and Cool Haus. The bundles will cost $12.

?We?re offering a new way to experience ice cream similar to transportation,? said Pao. ?Opening your app and tapping a button and having something show up is magical when it comes to transportation. We feel it will be magical for other things too.?

Pao said that the service will start off as an experiment. ¬†Uber and the ice cream trucks will determine how often to set up the on-demand ice cream in each city depending on the demand from Friday’s experiment.