Uber passenger was taken on a high-speed chase

Posted Jul 12, 2014

An Uber passenger was taken on a high speed chase in Washington D.C. recently. The passenger was Ryan Simonetti, CEO of Convene. Simonetti said on Tusday that an Uber driver allegedly kept him and two friends imprisoned in the car through a 10-minute chase by a taxi inspector. The Uber driver almost hit other vehicles in an attempt to avoid the taxi inspector.

Simonetti said he ripped the driver’s patent leg in attempt to stop the mayhem, reports The Washington Post. Uber confirmed the incident took place, but declined to name the driver. That driver has been terminated. Uber is investigating the incident.

Before the Uber driver pulled away, Simonetti said he noticed a taxi inspector on foot near the car. The driver sped away quickly and so did the inspector.That is when the chase began. After 10 minutes, the inspector blocked the driver with his own car. Simonetti and his friends decided that was the right time to flee. The driver then started driving towards Virginia.