Uber Paying Double To NYC Drivers That Are Keeping Cars On The Road

Posted Oct 31, 2012

Uber is helping New Yorkers by paying double to NYC drivers that stay on the roads even.  As you may know, the subway system has been shut down in New York and there are no buses available due to Hurricane Sandy.  Uber uses smartphones to help connect limo drivers and people that want a ride at the same time.

“Our goal is to be a reliable transportation alternative,” stated Uber General Manager Josh Mohrer in an interview with Business Insider.

Sometimes Uber adjusts prices during peak demand times. In this case, Uber will pay for the extra cost in keeping drivers on the road.  This will not be a significant charge for Uber.

“We are monitoring the city’s transportation health closely and will keep this running as long as we can today while we figure out more sustainable ways to keep supply up while the city is in need,” stated Mr. Mohrer.