Uber bans driver Syed Muzzafar for being suspected of vehicular manslaughter

Posted Jan 3, 2014
Uber, the online car-summoning service, has banned a driver from their network for being suspected of driving an SUV that allegedly hit and killed a six-year-old girl on New Year’s Eve. Uber said that they would deactivate any partner that is involved in a serious law enforcement manner. The accident did not happen during an Uber trip.

Syed Muzzafar, 57, was arrested on suspicion of vehicle manslaughter with with gross negligence and failure to yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk. Muzzafar was reportedly driving the car that hit a woman and two children at around 8PM.

San Francisco supervisor Jane Kim said that this incident raises questions about the driver training and selection for ride-sharing services. Kim will be reviewing the screening and training policies run by Uber along with other ride-sharing companies to figure out if more regulation is needed.

“I think it’s a real big problem when anyone is making a right turn into a crosswalk without yielding to a pedestrian, and this is something that drivers do period, but we need folks that are on the road a lot to get that training,” stated Kim in an interview with CNET. “Honestly, turning violations and pedestrian right-of-way violations are two of the top five types of violations that kill or injure pedestrians, so this is something we want all drivers to be aware of. In the case that there’s a company that has a little bit of oversight over their drivers, we would like to work with those drivers on drivers ed.”

[Source: CNET/Uber Blog]