UberMedia Acquires Mixx, A Competitor Of Digg.com

Posted Jan 27, 2011

UberMedia is a Pasadena, California based company that is known for running UberTwitter, Twidroyd, Echofon, and PostUp Marketplace. The company recently acquired Mixx.com, a social bookmarking website that competes with Digg.com. Ubermedia used to be known as PostUp and the company is led by Bill Gross.

“Before you ask: Yes! The new Mixx will remain true to our personalization mission, and it will continue to leverage both the current Mixx infrastructure and the dominant social media networks. Now, if you look at Your Account, you? ll see a new tab that will show all of your submissions and favorites?you? ll be able to save all of this data. We are very sorry to say that, because the new Mixx will use a different ID system, your connections will not carry over. But we know that a lot of friendships were made through Mixx, so we?d recommend using Mixx Mail to reach out to your Fans and Friends and set up another way to keep in touch,” said the company in a blog post.